The Law & Order of
Rome - Part I



In these last days before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ it is revealed in the Bible's prophetic Scriptures that a soon to be established one world government will come under the control of the man called Anti-Christ.
The judicial branch of his governing assembly can already be recognized in the entities known as the United Nations and its International Court of Justice. The International Court of Justice, also known as the International Criminal Court and the World Court, has no binding authority at present, except for nations which might agree to abide by its rulings.
The day is fast approaching when the Anti-Christ will transform the symbolic authority of the UN and its World Court into a ruthless power for totalitarianism.
In Zechariah 12:3 we are told that at the close of the age a world united against Israel will gather to destroy her over the issue of Jerusalem. We quote, "And it shall happen in that day that I [God] will make Jerusalem a very heaven stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all the nations of the earth are gathered against it."
Decisions will have had to have been made in the halls of the World Court to bring about this assembly of United Nations against Israel.
As we shall show by the documentation in this message, the United Nations and its International Court of Justice have already revealed their earnest desire to exercise global authority and their equally committed passion to oppose the rights of Israel.
Keep in mind when you feel you are standing alone for the truth, that God has shown in Zech. 12 that the whole world can and will be wrong. Truth is determined by the Word of God, not by the decisions of the majority.
The World Court, located in The Hague, is a relatively recent new power in global politics. In the following July 12, ‘02 Jerusalem Post article which headlined, "Objection, your honor" we find information that correlates extraordinarily with the prophetic picture given in the Scriptures for the last days.
For example, we know by God's Word that the Anti-Christ's power base will originate out of the old Roman Empire according to what is revealed in Daniel 9:26 about the historical roots of this coming prince.
As we have shared in the past, the modern-day European Union originated in Rome with the signing of the Treaty of Rome; the Jerusalem Post article reveals that the World Court likewise has its roots in Rome with its constitution notably identified as the Rome Statute. The global, political might prophesied to be manifest by the Anti-Christ at the close of this age in such passages as Revelation 13:7 is seen also in the World Court by the fact that the Rome Statute was drafted at a United Nations' convention.
As will be seen by the Jerusalem Post article, Israel has been fearful to join the world Court because of its fears that the world Court is anti-Israel at its heart and that joining would bind the nation to obey decisions harmful and even destructive to Israel. This fear has proven to have been well justified as we will show in another part to this message with articles of current events in 2004 .
Of special interest to take note of in the July, 2002 Jerusalem Post article is that the intended power of the World Court is to be so substantial that even if a nation does not join the World Court this will not prevent prosecution. It is pointed out that Israel's refusal to join will only deprive the nation of representation in the Court's hallowed hall, a lengthy room filled with throne-like chairs to be precise. in Court
An additional point of interest reported in the Jerusalem Post is that Israel would receive 7 years of immunity from prosecution for war crimes if it would only join. This offer of 7 years of immunity dovetails with the prophetic end time Scripture of Daniel 9:27 that foretells that the Anti-Christ will confirm a covenant between Israel and its neighbors that will be intended to last for a week of years, that is 7 years.
Quoting from the 2002 Jerusalem Post article we read, "There was a time when...July 1, might have been a national holiday, with the entire country celebrating the official establishment of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.
After all, Jewish and Israel leaders, horrified by the Holocaust, were among the most enthusiastic advocates of a permanent international court to try perpetrators of war crimes of the kind committed during world War II by the Nazis.
But times have changed and for Israeli officials, preoccupied with the country's plummeting standing in most parts of the world and the revival of anti-Semitism in Europe and elsewhere, the birthday of the ICC turned into a day of trepidation.
After voting against the Rome Statute, the constitution of the ICC, on July 17, 1998, Israel half-heartedly signed the document just before deadline on December 31, 2000. Since them, however, Israel has declined to ratify the document - the necessary step to becoming a member state of the ICC - and will not "for the foreseeable future," the cabinet officially announced...The government is waiting to see how the court will evolve...The message from Israeli political and government officials is that it will be a long wait. They are almost uniformly pessimistic abut the court at worst, or skeptical and cautious at best...there is reason to fear that the motivations of the court will be political rather than objective. This is not a baseless concern...Israel's fears about the nature of the ICC began with its inception. During the UN convention that drafted the constitution, a group of Arab countries led by Egypt insisted on including Israel's settlement program in the West Bank and Gaza in the list of war crimes.
Furthermore, the convention refused to classify terrorism as an international crime.
These two developments convinced most political and government officials, especially that the international court, instead of seeking justice, was out to get Israel.
Even law professor Natan Lerner of the Interdisciplinary center in Herzliya a strong advocate of joining the ICC, agrees that the Egyptian move was hostile and gratuitous...According to the Rome Statute, the court will be composed of 18 judges who will be elected by the member states, with no more than one judge per country.
The ICC will deal with individuals rather than states. Those liable for prosecution include heads of state, senior military commanders and senior government officials.
An appointed prosecutor will decide which criminal allegations should be brought to trial. He or she will also be entitled to press charges at his or her own initiative. A pretrial court will hear the prosecutor's charges case and decide whether the case should be forwarded to the court or dismissed.
The court will deal with four types of international crimes: genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression. The statue goes into great depth to define the first three crimes, but the court will not exercise jurisdiction over the fourth until it is properly defined. The convention did not see fit to at least declare terrorism a crime even if, like aggression, it could not immediately define it.
The court will be entitled to judge a crime included in the statute if at least one of the following conditions is met:
The crime was carried out in the territory of a member state.
The crime was perpetrated by a citizen of a member state.
A country which is not a member state asks the court to try a case on a one-time basis.
The Security Council refers a case to the court.
The ICC is meant to be a supplementary criminal court. If a suspect is accused of committing a war crime, the country to which he belongs has first claim to investigate the case. As long as the ICC is convinced that the country has handled the matter in good faith, it will not intervene...Officials and experts here agree that according to the Rome Statute, Israelis can be put on trial...the government has become more worried about other actions included in the war-crimes section, and even the genocide section, such as the following: willful killing; extensive destruction and appropriation of property, not justified by military necessity and carried out unlawfully and wantonly; unlawful deportation or transfer or unlawful confinement; committing outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment; intentionally directing attacks against the civilian population as such, or against individual civilians not taking part in hostilities.
Most experts on either side of the debate about whether Israel should join the ICC agree that if the court is out to get Israel, it has more than ample ammunition.
According to Foreign Ministry legal adviser Alan Baker, "the signs are very bad." He cites a long list of anti-Israeli developments on the International scene, capped by the UN-sponsored Durban conference on Racism, which Backer says "was hijacked by Islamic states to condemn Judaism and Israel and minimize the Holocaust."
Another example of anti-Israeli bias, according to Baker, is the case of UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson. "She has been consistently adopting resolutions against Israel on the basis of Arab League initiatives that are biased," he charges, pointing out that the commission has already resolved that Israel committed war crimes in its fight against Palestinian terrorism.
Then, continues Baker, there is Belgium. Baker spoke a few days before a Belgian appeals court threw out the case against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who had been charged with committing war crimes...According to Baker, Sharon's case should never have been brought to court and was another example of political bias against Israel...Sharon himself pointed out Belgium's own problematic human-rights record, including its brutal colonization policy in the Congo in the late 1800s in which an estimated 10 million people died from hard labor, starvation, and outright extermination.
"All of these examples," Baker said, "cause us very grave concern that the ICC will also be hijacked...Nasser Amin, the coordinator of Arab NGOs for the ICC, had the nerve to write recently that Arab countries should ratify the statue so that there will be more Arab judges to try Israelis. This is a very foreboding indication of how Arabs see the ICC as another weapon in their arsenal for fighting Israel."
Although Lerner does not deny the possibility that the court might be exploited as a tool against Israel, he is far more optimistic about its evolution..."Look at this," he says, pointing to Israel's formal declaration explaining why it signed the statute. "As one of the originators of the concept of an International Criminal Court, Israel, through its prominent lawyers and statesmen, has, since the early 1950s, actively participated in all stages of the formation of such a court"..."Jews have the mandate of Jewish history," continues Lerner...From a practical point of view, Lerner argues that there would be no advantages to Israel by not joining the court.
"Not ratifying the convention will not prevent the prosecution of Israeli officials and soldiers. If we join, on the other hand, we will have a say in the choice of judges ."
Lerner does not accept the widely held view here that almost everyone hates Israel...I have never accepted the axiom that the world is divided into two sectors - the world and us."
He is also much more hopeful about the substance of the court itself. The judges, he points out, will be chosen by the member states...Furthermore, the European countries that were instrumental in establishing the court will make sure that it does not become political, since they know such a development would sabotage the entire effort.
Lerner then recites the list of almost 70 countries that have ratified the statute so far...BAKER is, of course, also aware of the arguments in favor of ratifying the statute, but is not convinced by them. One of the arguments is that the statue allows member states immunity from prosecution for war crimes for seven years...And one way or the other, the settlement issue remains...All Israeli governments since 1967 have maintained, in the face of world opposition, that the West Bank and Gaza are not occupied territories and that Israel's legal claim to them is at least as good as any other.
In a letter Rubinstein wrote to cabinet secretary Gideon Sa'ar that was released...the attorney-general cautions...There is a danger that the court will be politicized, even if some countries try to prevent this from happening...the Rome Statute includes a paragraph which, in the final analysis, is largely aimed at Israel regarding the settlements. The paragraph refers to the transfer of population to the occupied territories, which it defines as a war crime"..."The establishment of the ICC has lit warning lights for us," he notes. "We are about to face a difficult period."
So what we have determined thus far is that a world Court, with growing global power drafted by the United Nations, has been established.

The prophesied Anti-Christ who is to come forth from a revived Roman Empire will have at its command a World Court that is seated in a Roman Treaty founded European Union and has for its constitution what is known as the Rome Statute.
Israel, which is justifiably fearful of subjecting itself to its biased authority, has been offered essentially a carrot or a stick to come into compliance. If Israel continues to resist joining the International Court of Justice, it will eventually find itself on the receiving end of the court's punitive actions without benefit of representation.
On the other hand, if Israel acquiesces to the authority of the court she can look forward to 7 years of immunity.
All of this is in harmony with what is foretold in the prophetic Word of God found in the Holy Bible.
In Part II of this message we will show just how powerful the Anti-Christ's future International Court of Justice is becoming and how Israel's past fear of being singled out as the target of the court's hatred is being confirmed.
You and I are living in the final days before Jesus Christ calls every believer in Him, whether living or dead, to meet Him in the air at the event known to Christians as the Rapture (see I Thess. 4:15-18).
Only those who have believed in the Risen Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of their sins will be caught up in perfection at this glorious gathering. Don't put it off, if you should die in your sins this day or tomorrow, your damnation to the Lake of Fire will be sealed.
This is not a triviality which men can avoid. Death is coming to every person whose sins are unforgiven and the choice that has been made between Christ and Heaven or sin and Hell will be final and everlasting.
God's desire for you is our desire, that you receive the salvation offered through His Son's forgiveness and that the glories of Heaven will be yours for time without end.

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