The Mysterious Mr. S & the Jordan Retreat 




The prophetic Scriptures for Iraq in these last days found in Jeremiah Chapters 50 & 51 indicate to me by my studies that Saddam Hussein will be leading the nation of Iraq in yet another war against Kuwait, Israel and a united northern confederacy. This means that either the real Saddam Hussein is not in custody or else if so, then he will escape. A more remote idea is that there is another Saddam Hussein-like leader in Iraq waiting to surface. As I have stated in the past, I once again assert, that the day I am convinced by substantiated evidence that the prisoner being held in US custody in Iraq is truly Saddam Hussein, and not an imposter, I will publically concede that I have been mistaken.

Today is not that day. With the alleged appearance of Saddam Hussein before the world in brief film clips of his preliminary hearing in Iraq one might think that solid evidence of his identity has been established. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, what has developed in light of the emergence of this so-called Saddam Hussein, casts even greater doubts about him being the genuine Saddam in my estimation. We begin with the fact that no proof has been offered to verify this Saddam's identity. The unverified DNA evidence claimed to be held by US intelligence was withheld. Any information released in the future about DNA findings is extremely questionable at this point in time.

The ways any forthcoming DNA verification can be manipulated are numerous. The only time the world could have reasonably authenticated the origin of any DNA evidence was immediately after Mr. S.'s capture by the testing of independent scientists. Misrepresented DNA can now be presented to compare against other dubious DNA samples or even original DNA from Saddam Hussein can be presented as coming from Mr. S. Keep in mind that there are men for more creative then this in the art of deception. You would have thought that those who caught Mr. S. Would have been more than anxious to prove that Saddam Hussein's DNA evidence was authentic in Dec., 2003 instead of waiting until the world started wondering why it has been withheld. We then must point out that clear audible recordings, suitable for voice analysis are not to be found and even such rudimentary means of identification such as fingerprints or dental charts were not presented.

I find it difficult to believe that after 14 years of being on a war footing with Iraq, no US dossier exists containing such information on Saddam Hussein. Of special interest is that Mr. S., as I prefer to call him at present instead of Saddam, refused to sign his name. His exact quote, as was reprinted in a July 2, '04 Colorado Springs Gazette article which headlined, "Saddam: Faces firing squad or hanging if found guilty," was, "Please allow me not to sign until the lawyers are present. Anyhow, when you take a procedure to bring me here again, preened me all these papers with the presence of lawyers." With Saddam Hussein's signature recorded on decades of Iraqi documents it is truly something to ponder over that the interim Iraqi government does not have even a single signature from Mr. S. to compare with Saddam Hussein's. Whether by his own initiative or from counsel, Mr. S.'s signature is safe from scrutiny.

The mystery deepens when we read in the July 9, '04 Denver Post article, "Hussein attorney contends detention is illegal" that all 20 unrequested members of Mr. S.'s legal defense team have been denied access to meet with Mr. S. and that even they do not possess so much as one document with Mr. S.'s signature on it. While having mentioned the interim government, an additional note of interest is that a July 1, '04 Denver Post article which headlined, "Iraqi embassy flies old flag, rejecting one picked by U.S." reported that only hours after Iraqi authorities symbolically took custody of the alleged Saddam Hussein, Iraqi diplomats rejected the new Iraqi flag chosen by the US occupying authority and instead raised the historic flag of Saddam Hussein over their re-opened embassy. This action causes one to wonder why the new Iraq regime felt compelled to retain Saddam Hussein's personal flag and not at the very least, design one of their own choosing.

It is as if all is being kept in readiness for Saddam's return should he suddenly be reinstated. Further investigation of things made evident by Mr. S's court appearance causes me to stay the course that he is not Saddam Hussein. For example, the 20 member defense team of Mr. S., assembled from Belgium, Britain, France, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya and Tunisia, have not even heard a verbal request from Mr. S. for them to defend him, but only Saddam's wife had agreed to the filing. Mr. S. does not look, behave, or communicate like the Saddam Hussein the world is familiar with. Another disconcerting note about Mr. S. was instilled by the puzzlement expressed from Saddam Hussein's own daughters who have asylum in Jordan. It has come to light that they too had problems with relating to Mr. S. as the father they had known.

According to world news reports on the day after his trial his daughters could not reconcile Mr. S.'s behavior and dialogue as being their fathers' unless as they surmised that "he must be drugged." Drugs could be a true point of argument for Mr. S.'s behavior if it were not for the fact that U.S. intelligence has reported from the very first day he was captured in Dec. 13, '03 that Mr. S.'s behavior and conversation have been bizarre and rambling. This was not the same Saddam known by his daughters when they fled Iraq into Jordan during the coalition invasion of Baghdad. It is also interesting that when Mr. S. was asked to identify himself in court he failed to seize the opportunity to honor and unite the Tikiriti tribe of his clan by stating his true full name. In court he stated his full name as "Saddam Hussein al-Majid."

The truth is Saddam's full name is actually "Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti." The al-Majid family was a particularly feared branch of the ruling Tikriti tribe and Saddam's fierce pride and family loyalty would not normally, if he was truly present or in his right mind, produce such a slight of honorable recognition. Perhaps cowardice and drugs really has caused the faculties of "the lion of Iraq" to crumble, but this explanation for his behavior will then have to also suffice in explaining why Mr. S. himself is quoted as referring to Saddam Hussein's actions as being independent from himself. According to the July 2, "04 Associated Press release, "In Saddam's Words" Mr. S. replied when he was questioned about the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, "How could Saddam be tried over a Kuwait that said it will reduce Iraqi women to 10-dinar prostitutes?

He defended Iraq's honor and revived its historical rights over those dogs." Here, once again is the problem, either Mr. S. doesn't always remember to speak in the first person about himself while impersonating Saddam Hussein, or else Saddam Hussein has taken up a bizarre new habit of speaking in the third person about himself like Tarzan the ape-man; remember when Tarzan would say something like, "Tarzan hungry, he go find food." Of course Tarzan had a legitimate excuse of having not learned the proper use of a personal pronoun - I wonder what is Mr. S's excuse? Of course Mr. S. also didn't realize that Saddam Hussein probably wouldn't drive around in a marked taxi cab in a little town he hid out in before and then wouldn't park the cab right next to his secret hideaway for all to see while tens of thousands of enemies were searching for him. (Please see RW message, "Catching a Cab with Saddam" for further information).

It is of special interest to myself that Saddam Hussein's daughters are safely secluded under the protection of the Jordanians. According to verses 6-8 of Psalms 83 these children of Lot, located in what was the historical lands of Edom, Moab and Ammon, are to receive special help from Iraq and Syria (that is Assyria) in a future war against Israel. The relationship between Iraq and Jordan has been unwavering. During the Persian Gulf War, Jordan managed to stand in support of Iraq and still maintain good relations with all of Iraq's enemies. The king of Jordan managed to accomplish this same astounding act of diplomacy with both Iraq and Syria when the two nations were enemies during the Iraq/Iran war. All through the 90's Jordan violated the U.N. embargo against Iraq and continued secret trade between the nations.

It was in Jordan where Saddam's brother-in-law who betrayed him, took up exile and then trustingly returned to Iraq to summarily be executed by Saddam. On July 2, '04 it was reported in a New York Times article that headlined, "Jordan offers its troops amid deadly insurgency" that , "In an early sign of welcome for the interim Iraqi government from an Arab nation...Jordan's King Abdullah II said he might be willing to send troops to Iraq. 'I presume that if the Iraqis ask us directly for help, it would be very difficult to say no' he said in a BBC interview..."If we don't stand with them, if they fail then we all pay the price," Abdullah said." One wonders why the sudden change of heart for King Abdulllah since previously Jordan declined to send soldiers to Iraq under any conditions.

What is it that he finds more appealing about the political developments in Iraq? Could it have something to do with the fact that it is now known that members of Saddam Hussein's al-Majid al-Tikriti family are now operation out of Syria and Jordan? Quoting from a July 5, "04 New York Times article which headlined, "Hussein's cousins helping insurgency" we read, "A network of Saddam Hussein's cousins, operating in part from Syria and Jordan, is actively involved in the smuggling of guns, people and money into Iraq to support the anti-American insurgency, say U.S. government officials and a prominent Iraqi. The operations involve at least three cousins from the Majid family...The view that the cousins are helping to pay for the insurgency developed fairly recently and is described in intelligence reports, the U.S. officials said...The U.S. officials declined to speak publicly about the information because these intelligence reports are classified...Hussein's family has a history of intermarriage with the Majid clan; his full name is Saddam Hussein al-Majid al-Tikriti.

Under his government, the Majid family was a particularly feared branch of the ruling Tikriti tribe. Its members played prominent roles in the day-to-day operations of the country's state security apparatus, as bodyguards, enforcers and secret police chiefs. The cousins who now live outside Iraq have access to tens of millions of dollars, much of it derived from smuggling oil, military equipment and other goods in and out of Iraq under Hussein, the U.S. officials said...U.S. officials confirmed that intelligence reports said Izzadin al-Majid, Fatiq al-Majid and at least one other member of the family along with some associates, are linked to operations in support of the Iraqi insurgency." Let us again point out that still as of this date of July, 2004, none of Saddam's loyalists have made any efforts to gain Mr. S.'s release. With Saddam Hussein's family consistently finding refuge in Jordan (and reportedly many of his weapons of mass destruction also), a unique

Bible prophecy found interwoven in a detailed prophecy against Jordan for these last days is of special interest. In verses 1-6 of Chapter 49 of Jeremiah we find God's pronouncement against Ammon, which is northern Jordan. We know beyond doubt that this prophecy is for these last days because Israel had to be a nation once again when this prophecy is to be fulfilled according to verse 2. Verses 7-22 then foretells the judgment of Edom and the related areas, which are the regions now known as southern Jordan and Arabia. Verses 19-21 of Ch. 49 are the verses of special interest. If one reads these two verses in conjunction with the ones against Iraq and her last days's king found in Jeremiah 50:44-46, they will find a striking parallel in its unique wording. Both Iraq and southern Jordan are to be drawn out by a small nation and the horrific destruction which will come upon these regions will affect the whole world. Unlike the sole mention of Israel capturing northern Jordan in Jer. 49:2, verse 14 prophesies that it will be a united effort of nations that come against the area of ancient Bozrah, which is southern Jordan.

Apparently, it will be in this area that the same described individual addressed as the king of Babylon, Iraq in Jer. 50:43-44 will be located. If this understanding is correct than it is my opinion that Saddam Hussein will make his way to southern Jordan to meet his fate. Further support for this interpretation I believe, can be found in two points made in this prophecy. In Jeremiah 50:43-44 we are told that the man who is king over Iraq at her demise will panic like a raging lion coming out of the thicket as the Jordan floods its banks. What is so interesting about this prophecy is that the Jordan river is not located in Iraq. In Jeremiah 49:19 we find this same prophecy interjected in the judgment against Jordan, where we do find the Jordan River located.

The next point is a subtle but crucial change of one word between the otherwise matching prophecies of Jer. 49:19 and 50:44. Quoting the key portion of Jer. 40:44 we read, "Behold, he (the king of Babylon, Iraq) shall come up like a lion from the flooding of the Jordan against the habitation of the strong (possibly Israel or even the U.S.); but I (that is God) will make them (the Iraqi king's adversaries), suddenly run away from her (that is Iraq)." As one continues to read on they will find God has aided this king's efforts only to provoke a more thorough retaliation against him from the nations. The subtle, but crucial change in this prophecy that we find in Jer. 49:19, when Jordan is being addressed, is that instead of the prophecy reading, "but I will make them suddenly run away from her," the Scripture instead reads, "but I will make him suddenly run away from her."

Considering the obvious relationship found between these two prophecies and the harmony of the prophecies linking the devastation of Iraq and Jordan, I find it to be a distinct possibility that what has been revealed is that the "him" spoken of in Jer. 49:19 is the same king of Iraq from Jer. 50:43-44. The king of Iraq will apparently leave his own land to find refuge in southern Jordan. God will drive him out of his hiding place when his moment of desperation overcomes him. The other possibility is that God is addressing the king of Jordan, who at present would be King Abdullah II, who would need to demonstrate the same defiant attitude towards God as the king of Iraq had. Only Saddam Hussein, to date, has fit the personality profile given of this defiant king, and only the king of Babylon, Iraq is set forth as the central figure for the horrifying Middle East war described in Jeremiah 50 & 51.

Of this king's fate God declares in Jer. 50:31-32, "Behold I am against you, O you most proud!' says the Lord God of hosts; 'for your day has come, the time that I will punish you. 'The most proud shall stumble and fall, and no one will raise him up; I will kindle a fire in his cities, and it will devour all around him." Whether Saddam Hussein meets his end in Iraq or Jordan, I cannot say beyond a shadow of a doubt, but I myself am persuaded he will not come to his end while being held a captive of the United States or any other country and to this day remains a free man guiding his country into the jaws of destruction. We have this last minute update that was reported a week after Saddam Hussein was captured in Dec. Of 2003. The article was sent to us on 7/30/04 from Michael in PA. From "The Scientist" article, "The Double Trick...Saddam's DNA testing was done in military lab - US keeping results close to chest" we are told, "Officials from the US Department of Defense have indicated to The Scientist that next week would be the earliest any publication of the results and methods [concerning Mr. S.'s DNA] would happen, if they are made pubic at all...Meanwhile, speculation on the methodology and quality of the data is running rife." These are the final days before the return of Jesus.

The catching up of every believer to heaven at the event described in I Thessalonians 4:15-18 could happen at any moment. Today is the day to come to the living Lord Jesus Christ with faith. He offers immediate forgiveness for all your sins and everlasting life to all who will put their trust in Him. Don't put it off, there is coming the day when your regrets for turning down His sacrifice for you will torment you for eternity.

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